Every puppy needs toys! And there are thousands available, in pet supply shops and online. How do you choose the toys that are best for your pup? Well-made and carefully chosen toys can keep puppies happy and occupied when they need to spend time on their own. Other toys will become favorites that you and your puppy will enjoy when you play together.

Here are links to ten of my top picks for puppy toys.

There are so many great toys here it’s hard to know where to start. One of my favorites is the Bungee Racer.

Kong makes many wonderful, durable toys. Besides the classics, do not miss the Leo and the Mike (“Genius” toys), which are wonderful for stuffing with biscuits for long-term play, and fit together for more challenging fun.

Katie’s Bumpers are super tough and come in all kinds of fun variations.

The Squishy Face Flirt Pole is the strongest and best flirt pole I have found. A marvelous toy.

Jolly Balls are a favorite outdoor toy for my guys. And the Monster Ball is great for indoors, stuffed with goodies or on its own.

Love these plush toys with lots of little squeaky toys hidden inside.

Planet Dog makes wonderful, tough rubber toys. Their balls with raised maps on them are classic. The Snoop is one of my favorite food-dispensing toys. Check out all their great choices.

Here is a “Top Ten” list of food dispensers for tough chewers. I own about half of these and rotate them regularly. Variety is the spice of life!

If you want to see how creative and smart your puppy can really be, try these challenging puzzle toys. Great fun!

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